What has the world come to?

19 03 2012

I was in my bank (actually a credit union) the other day. One of the tellers, whom I joke with all the time, had actually gotten in trouble for saying to someone (who was black), “Good morning, sunshine”! Can you believe that??!? Apparently, to black people that is an insult?

The ironic thing about this is that I was wearing a shirt that said, “I could use a little sexual¬†harassment”… That one for another time..

I was supposed to attend a class 125 miles from my home. I got up early, was excited at the new skills that I was going to be learning. I got to the location with plenty of time (actually 30 minutes) in advance, and sat in the parking lot waiting for the instructor to arrive. At 8:55am, no instructor, I figured that sometimes he may be delayed, so I waited. At 9:15am I called the number again (first time I called to get directions as i was lost, got a message and no call back). This time I got a sick sounding man who was indeed the instructor. I was informed that the class had been cancelled due to his illness.

Are you kidding? Gas, drive time, and getting up at 5am to get to the class on the other side of the state, for a cancel the morning of?? Will not tell you how unhappy that I am!

Is it me, or does the world just seem to NOT CARE? For what I paid for this course, I certainly believe that unless the instructor had been shot or was in the hospital, to cancel without notice is unacceptable in ANY circumstance.

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