Drinking & Driving = DUI in Flagler County!

17 08 2012

According to a report by the Flagler County Sheriffs’ Office and FHP as reported by FlaglerLive there will be increased DUI check points in Flagler County starting Aug 17th, 2012 through Labor day which is Sept 3, 2012.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you have something worth celebrating, or wish to honor the Labors of your work during the holiday, then by all means, GO FOR IT! Just don’t drive home. Bring a designated driver with you to get you and the drivers around you home safely to their families.

Just a friendly reminder that DUI will cost you more than a few $$ in attorneys fees or time out of your schedule. You could be looking at jail time (obvious) but also looking at suspension of your drivers’ license, AND your professional license that you use to make your living… Think about that before you have that last “one for the road”…


Keep safe, talk it out, and think!
Steve Woodin

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