Energized, & Setting Sail in a NEW direction…

5 08 2013

Over the past few weeks/months, I have been evaluating my life and the things that I have done that have lead me to this exact point in my life. Some, not all, of my choices that I have made have been, shall I say, less than stellar. Yes, yes, I know, I have made mistakes…

I have made some tough decisions about my situation, and what I need to do to reach my goal(s). Some of those decisions will affect the lives of others in a negative way. It is a tough position to be in. I always try to “do no harm”… Sometimes you must cut the strings and let things go.

My oldest son and I attended a seminar this last 3 days that I was hoping would motivate and educate him to help prepare him for making the most of his life. I believe that it has done just that. His outlook seems to have changed, just a little, in that he is looking to make the most of the opportunities that lay before him. I believe that he realizes what potential that he has and what he can accomplish in his life.

I have made a list of about 20+ books that I am going to purchase and read over the next few months. My goal is to finish this list before the end of the year. Less TV, MORE READING. I am also going to be more active in searching out and putting into place the plan that I have for retirement. Every day is an opportunity that slips thru my fingers if I am not working on my goal of retirement.


I only have one negative “force” in my life left, and I am actively working to remove that force from my thoughts, and daily life. At some point that force is going to go away and I will be free from it for good.

This graphic that I have added was sent to me from a friend on facebook. I thought that it was fitting after what happened to me on Thursday of last week. I am not at liberty to discuss it in this forum, but if you know me, ask, I will tell you ALL about it!

As I have stated, today is a new day, moving in a new direction, with new excitement to reach the goals that I have in life. Every “opportunity” that presents itself will be evaluated, and if it does not fall within that parameters to reaching my goal, they will be left along the roadside of life for someone else. I must be productive each and every day, get back on the horse and “ride”…


Until next time, have a GREAT day!



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