What to do on a Slow Friday at the office??!?

6 09 2013

Today I find myself checking email, and giving my $.02 on facebook to those who a posting, and I came across a friend who posted a song from DeLaSoul from back in the 80’s. I watched that video, and suddenly I was flooded with memories of my “teenagehood” when I was working with my lifetime friend “Brian Gynizio“. So I posted a few of my favorites, which I will reproduce here for the fun of it.

I am calling it, “Flashback Friday”. So for those who enjoy the music of the 80’s, enjoy some memories from your teenagehood!

So let’s start with the themesong from Phil Collins, In the air tonight
Then let’s visit Twisted Sister, I wanna Rock, & Were not gonna take it
Police, every breath you take
A little Beastie Boys.. No sleep ’till Brooklyn
Can’t forget the pedophile, MJ “Thriller“, and “Beat it
Then this one for my babe: “Time Warp” (I know, it was from the 70’s, but we enjoyed the movies PLENTY in the 80’s) Don’t forget the rice, toast, and the water guns…

This concludes this edition of “Flashback Friday”

Have a GREAT weekend!


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