Let’s try this again…

29 11 2014

So, the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) we opened the space under the stairs. I recorded and edited a video to share with you of the event. For various reasons, mostly me not really having done a lot with YouTube and me really attempting to get it right, my video never made it to the YouTube…

Here is my SECOND attempt:

The MYSTERY of the “under the stairs” space has been answered!

28 11 2014

For as many years as I have lived in this house, I have never really thought about the space below the stairs. This house is over 100 years old (built in 1909, as of this year 105 to be exact) and I don’t know how long the small space below the stairs has been closed up.

Ever since Michelle has lived here she has always asked “What is under the stairs in the space?” Her friends would joke about it, and say there was a dead body, or ghosts living under there. We have been joking for more than a year about cutting a hole in the wall to see just what was under there.

Today was the day! Betty, my mother-in-law wanted the honors of cutting the hole, so when she was here today, I set up the trusty saws-all and with the help of my not-so-little-anymore Alex they proceeded to cut the hole and make one hell of a mess!

I had them wear the GoPro cameras on their heads, just in case they did discover something great, but it turned out to be a Geraldo Rivera & Al Capone’s Vault situation but who knows right?

Here is the video, streamlined, & condensed for your viewing pleasure!

How to get NOTHING done today…

21 11 2014

#1: Wake up with a list of a dozen things to do…

#2: Go to the Dr. Office (new doctor) & deal with RUDE nurses & clerk staff. Wait 3 hours to be seen by doctor. When did being the “customer” mean being the bad guy? The forms that I filled out as a new patient asked me if I had any pain. Since I just fell off the porch a little more than a month ago, I told her that I had constant pain. The “front desk woman” very firmly stated that they did NOT do pain management there, and that I was wasting my time with an appointment with the doctor. I firmly but politely stated that I was not there because of my pain, which I have lived with since 2001 in my back, but I was there for a different reason, that since she was NOT the doctor, I would choose NOT to discuss it with HER! She was offended.. They then charged me for my visit PRIOR to my sitting for 3 hours patiently waiting.

Nurse KRATCHETT decided to cough on me as she was walking into the room, not sure if it was a flu cough, or if it was a smokers cough, that deep raspy cough that smokers get after 25 or 30 years of smoking…

See the Dr. all is well, he renews my prescriptions. Doctor was FANTASTIC, rest of the office was the most rude I have ever been to0…

#3: Go to the lab to get a price for the blood that needs to be drawn early next week (did not fast today) turns out if you are paying out of pocket, you pay approx 1/2 of what your insurance would pay if I had insurance. (sorry, I REFUSE out of principle to sign up for ObamaCare!)

#4: Go to the Publix pharmacy and wait 20 minutes just to give them my prescriptions to be filled, this is about 2:30 or 3pm.

#5: Attempt to get to Flagler Beach to check the mail, lane closed, spent 45 minutes in traffic, decided to turn back and go tomorrow.

#6: Get a small nap in my chair while watching the new 2 1/2 men. About 45 minutes worth. Just not long enough.

#7: Head back at about 6:45pm to pick up my prescriptions. (they said it would only take a couple of hours), get there and they are NOT ready… They seemed really busy & I gave them an extra couple of hours “just in case” to get them filled. Had to wait for just under an hour for them to be filled.

As you can see, I REALLY did not get much done. The level of rudeness in Palm Coast, has hit an all time high. Why are the people here so rude, it has been building for some time but I guess that I have not noticed it that much since I have not lived in Palm Coast for a while. It is not ALL of Palm Coast, just a certain segment, from the north, and not all people from the north, just a certain segment of NY & NJ. AND it is not all NY & NJ residents (I know many and they are some of the nicest people you will EVER meet, but some from there give your entire state a bad reputation…)

I just want to ask people when you hit the Florida Line, be polite, be patient, and by all means, don’t be RUDE! Do that back in New York where it is regular, accepted behavior!

Tomorrow is another day…

Starting to paint the outside of the office on Deen Road.

Let me know what you think, I will post a before and after pic once I get it done…

Have a GREAT weekend!


Don’t MESS with this chick!

16 11 2014

As an early Christmas present, I, not being the “jewelry buying type” bought my beautiful wife a new “personal protection device”. She got a new Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm gun! Criminals WATCH out, she is a good shot too…








Just to show proof that this really was her shooting, check out the video that I recorded from “safely behind the firing line”…

Today we train…

16 11 2014

As many of you know, I am a staunch advocate of the 2nd Amendment. I believe that it is EVERYONE’s right to be armed, but I also believe that not everyone should. (You can’t fix stupid!)

My beautiful wife is the proud owner of a new Smith & Wesson M&P shield (9mm) as a concealed carry firearm! I bought this little gem for her to carry, and she has accepted the challenge to put some rounds through the tube today at the range to help her become proficient and comfortable with her new tool. I will post a pic below as a follow-up….

As for me, I have not been to the range in a while, I have not really felt the burning urge that I had 2 years ago. I have however, committed to getting back to flying. I bought a “weight shift ultralight” that I will do a short video of in the very near future.

I went to Atlanta a couple weekends ago to pick this little baby up. I got a pretty good deal, and it ran (but needed the fuel system attended to, fuel lines, filter, tank cleaned out, etc.) It has a 2-stroke Rotax 277 single cylinder 30hp motor on it. It “ran” pretty well.

TrikePic#1_11-11-14 We had a little “incident” that requires some “parts replacement”. I got it running, and was zipping it up and down the block without the wing, just the trike and the prop. I let one of my sons have a shot and he got hit the gas too much, which sent him in the wrong direction. He attempted to hit the cut off switch, and could not reach it. He eventually flipped it over and the prop struck the ground. As traditional with aircraft, any prop strike, you have to rebuild the motor for safety. Since this motor had NO information about number of hours running on it, I have chosen to replace the motor with one that has recently been rebuilt with only 21 hours on it. I have also contacted the propeller company and have ordered a new 3 blade propeller that I will be installing to the new motor. This will add more horsepower, although I believe that it would have flown with no problem, but more “umph” is ALWAYS better! I have also decided to relocate to a more easily accessible location the kill switch to prevent any accidents in the future. I will be putting a few videos up on YouTube soon, but will post here.

Happy day!


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