DID you know??….

23 03 2015

While in Jackson, GA (High falls state park) while I was in the pooper, I noticed that the latch that holds the door shut is called a “hiney hider”! Say that 5 times fast…

You have to give “props” to ANY company that has a sense of humor like that… I might buy a few to show my support! Have no place to put them, but I will buy them anyway…

HineyHider1 HineyHider2









Just a little bit of “toilet trivia”… LOL!

Have a GREAT day!



Added State #3, #4 tomorrow!

22 03 2015

Its cheesy, but if you saw pics of our wedding, then you know that we are into “Cheese”…

We added Georgia to the side of “the beast” last evening prior to having a camp fire. Good wood is going to be an essential part of the process, because the camp wood sucks!

addGeorgia1 addGeorgia3addGeorgia2













We are going to hit South Carolina on the way home, just to say that we were there. Going to buy some cool fireworks because the 4th of July is coming…

Until then, be safe

Have fun!


Trickery discovered…

22 03 2015

SO, apparently a “little gremlin” (and you know who you are) sat at my computer and changed one of my posts… Photos were changed, NOT to protect the innocent, but to protect ones reputation?

So, this is the photo that I originally posted:










We checked out the Tybee Lighthouse yesterday, similar to the history and feel of the St. Augustine lighthouse, and the one in New Smyrna Beach. Seen one, seen them all, but interesting none the less for the restored houses & to see how the finishes were done.









I did learn that different patterns are painted on the lighthouse to distinguish where the ships were in relation to the land. However, with modern GPS & electronics, lighthouses are all but extinct.

More to post later…


4th and final stop on the “Maiden tour of the BEAST”

21 03 2015

Thursday night, we had spaghetti & meatballs homemade in the campsite in High Falls, GA. Michelle did not want to get sauce on her favorite sweatshirt. I suggested that she take it off , but it was a little cold that night where we were, so she did the “bib thing”. I told her that it was cute, and you can tell how excited she was that I took the pic to share with everyone. [Due to technical difficulties that occurred while Steve was away from his computer, said picture has been replaced with a more flattering one]

Since it was raining & crappy weather we not only could not go out, but there was NO internet connection, and not even a signal for the phone to connect the hotspot. You really do not know how connected we all are, until you cannot connect. Since the beast does not have TV yet, we were left to read and talk, and enjoy each others company… It was a very enjoyable time. We left relatively early, so we did not get a chance to check out the falls, but from what I saw, they were awesome.



Tybee Island, GA. The 4th stop in our maiden “Magical Mystery Tour” trip for business… “The BEAST” as we have so affectionately named her has performed almost flawlessly… which has been better than I expected. No major problems, and I expect it to continue for the final 250+/- miles back to Bunnell, FL.

crabshack1 Cousin Jen suggested that we go to the “crab shack” on Tybee Island for dinner. Similar to the crab shack near us in St. Augustine. Had the sampler platter, and have not met a crab leg, a boiled shrimp, or a “mud bug” that I did not like. I also have not met one that I could not finish! Here is a before and after photo of me wrecking the platter. Michelle does not eat seafood, so it was all on my own!











Fortunately, seafood does not have a lot of calories (that is what I tell myself anyway) so eating a platter like this is good for me. The sausage prob was not the healthiest, but I save most of it for the dog.

I have another update to send later today.

Enjoy your day!


Added another state to the union..

19 03 2015

Today Michelle officially added a new state to our “we visited” US map on the RV. From Florida, now we have Alabama, tomorrow it will be Georgia. This, other than a few small snags, has been a good trip. Working out some kinks, but all is well!















This is what happens when you try to take a pic of Michelle when she is trying to get ready REALLY early in the AM…










Our SweetyBean just chillin’ while daddy works around the RV…








Have a GREAT day, I will!


If this is what “retirement” is, then SIGN ME UP!!!

18 03 2015

This was the view from our bedroom window today when we woke:







Staying at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, AL. Overlooking a lake, and woods. Peaceful to say the least…

I think that I am “hooked” on the RV lifestyle.

Y’all take care…




Found this interesting quote…

15 03 2015
Live every day as if it were your last. Do every job as if you were the boss.  Drive as if all other vehicles were police cars.  Treat everybody else as if he were you.

Live every day as if it were your last.
Do every job as if you were the boss.
Drive as if all other vehicles were police cars.
Treat everybody else as if he were you.





Woke this morning, in Pelham, AL to a view of this lake. It was interesting that this quote hit my email about the same time I was having breakfast.








When was the last time you had Capt’n Crunch? We had Peanut Butter Crunch this morning. I felt like a kid again! I think that this RV lifestyle is EXACTLY what I have been thinking it was, and I have plenty of my life left to enjoy it. Slow down, enjoy the day, “Live like you were dying”. Take a walk, listen to the birds, read a book. Do all the things in your life that you love but have gotten too busy to do…


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