Happy 1st Anniversary, Michelle Woodin…

28 04 2015

Happy 1st Anniversary to the love of my life, my Michelle!














In the year since we were married, I have grown to love you SO much more. You are my co-pilot, & you know exactly what makes me “tick”. Without effort, we talk, plan, and conspire to “escape” in just a few years…

This is just the beginning of our long list of life adventures, that will take us far & wide.

Thanks for your neverending support, love & indulgence of my crazy ideas!



Added the NC sticker to the state map…

27 04 2015

IMG_2646 IMG_2649Early this morning before we left Sylva, NC Michelle remembered to add the North Carolina sticker to the map on the side of the RV. We went to “the diner” in downtown for breakfast. Its a little hole in the wall, but it has some great breakfast food!

We set out on the road at just after 9:30am and made it to Augusta, SC around 3pm. We took our time driving through the mountains, and stopped at a couple of places to stretch our legs and walk the dogs. After a quick fill-up at $2.33/gal at a Love’s truck stop (just 2 miles down the road at a T/A truck stop gas was $2.17/gal. Story of my life…) we were on our way again.

We are staying at a little place called “Betty’s RV resort”. Ironic thing is that the lady who runs the place is named Bonnie, and there is no “resort” about it. I am not going to complain because we are only here for less than 14 hours and it has wi-fi access for only $10 with passport america, cash only…

We should be home tomorrow around 3pm. Mapquest puts us (if we leave by 8am as I expect) in Savannah, GA around 10am and home by 1pm (but with stops for potty and walking dogs & breakfast) that will be more like 3pm.

I will “officially” be back from traveling on the road, I need a nap!

Have a GREAT day!


The little “fisher-woman”…

26 04 2015









Today, I bought Michelle her FIRST fishing rod (let’s talk about the L.A. “diva”) on her first cast, she caught a catfish! The rod/reel is of course is pink, and looks great with her working the reel…

The fishing was very good, the catfish were bitin’ (between us we caught a total of 8 catfish), plenty of bluegill/crappy but none biting today..

We will be leaving Sylva, NC tomorrow morning early to get back to Bunnell, by Wednesday.

Hope to see all of you when we get back!

Have a GREAT day tomorrow!


Turned out to be a GREAT festival!

25 04 2015

Follow-up to my previous post today, the greening up the mountains festival turned out to be pretty great…

Downtown Sylva, NC as hopping with people, I don’t think quite the 10,000 that they were predicting, but there were a LOT of people wandering around. Mountain music, and fair food in abundance.

After we bought the new coffee table for the living room, I suggested that we go back and buy a hand crafted mahogany bowl to put on said new coffee table… It will make its way back home in the back of the truck.

We went for a little drive and found this really cool red barn, as we were passing it, I said to myself, “that is the picture, in my mind, of what the country looks like”. So I had to take a picture…








Just a few pics of the event.


Greening up the mountains festival 2015








A "weiner" who was looking for a home

A “weiner” who was looking for a home










Methodist church in downtown, Sylva.

Methodist church in downtown, Sylva.








We are going to stay one more day in Sylva, then we will work our way home for Wednesday.

Have a GREAT Saturday night!


Not all rainbows & sunshine…

25 04 2015

Can’t really tell in the photo, but it is raining, and it is cold! Dreary day… might just go back to bed!


Woke this morning to the sound of the rain on the RV roof… Not the sound you want to hear when the dogs are stirring and need to go potty.

So out we went, in the rain, for a quick pee, (the dogs not me) and back inside where it was warm. Did I also mention that it is 42 degrees? It was early and dark still so I cheated (and did not put them on the leash, just had them do their “thing” quickly..


We were supposed to be doing the Greening up the Mountains festival, but it might be called off due to rain. It is just too early to tell. Maybe a little more later.





RV “fix it” day…

24 04 2015

Upon leaving the house for this trip, I had 3 things that I wanted to get done in the RV when I had time during this trip.

  1. I wanted to get the front dash wired with switches for the AC/DC converters (2) that I had in there.
  2. I wanted to put a trim strip on the step to the entrance of the RV to match the new wood floor that we installed.
  3. I wanted to organize the “trunk” area with my tools, and other “stuff” (rope, caulk, oil, jumper cables, extension cords, etc) so that I could find what I needed when I needed it.

I am happy to report that when Michelle when to her spa day, I not only got my “honey-do” list done, but I also got in a short nap. (Had to rest up a little before I got to work)

We then went to “Lulu’s” for lunch in downtown Sylva, NC. I really like the downtown atmosphere! Michelle successfully dragged me into an antique store where she bought a new coffee table for the house (an old warehouse cart) that I was not sure if it was going to fit into the truck to get it home… It did however, so we now have a new coffee table. I have to admit, it is pretty cool.

Driving around there was this really cool waterfall on the main road, so being the “tourists” that we are, we stopped and took a couple of pics.

I am just awe struck that mother nature creates such wonderful sights, and that they are free for the viewing. I am learning to slow down and stop to smell the roses.











Tomorrow, the Greening the Mountains spring festival in downtown Sylva, NC. Forecast calls for rain, so we shall see how long they stay open before shutting down the festivities.

Have a GREAT day everyone!


What a GREAT day!

23 04 2015

Each day that I am out on the road in the RV with my incredible wife Michelle, I say to myself, “this is one of the best days that I have had so far”…

And then there is today!

Early business meeting that went well in Sylva, NC. We then got to walk around downtown Sylva (see pic)

View down the street of Downtown Sylva, NC

View down the street of Downtown Sylva, NC

what a picturesque day, cool weather, sun shining, sitting on a bench at Spring st. and Main st. just watching the traffic go by. Such a simple thing, but it was just so relaxing… I got my haircut at a REAL barber shop downtown, just like “Floyds” in Mayberry, with the joking and such. I felt REALLY at home.








Courthouse at the top of the hill, end of the street Sylva, NC

Courthouse at the top of the hill, end of the street Sylva, NC









My view from the park bench at Spring St. & Main St. watching the world go by…


Watching the world go by, Sylva, NC
















Have a GREAT day!



Sylva, NC, AMAZING Views, BUT, White Knuckle Driving…

22 04 2015

The view at our RV site from the deck.

4/22/15: Arrived in Sylva, NC to look at a potential real estate investment. BEAUTIFUL views in this RV park.

We will be here until Sunday or Monday to head home. We were looking at a map of the local mountain & whitewater activities, and I now have several more to add to my bucket list:

  • Gorge zip lining
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Fly fishing in waders in the river for trout

I am sure before the next few days are over, there will be several more…



Sylva, NC 4-22-15

Sylva, NC 4-22-15












AND of course, we could not help but take the “selfie” pic with the rushing water river in the background!

Now to the “white knuckle” part of the trip. I don’t know if you have ever done any mountain driving, in an RV, pulling a 4300# SUV, BUT, let me tell you, I had pucker factor of 15 today! (scale only goes to 10). At one point, I had the pedal to the floor, climbing on the highway and we were only doing 35 MPH… Engine was screaming, she was angry at pulling all the weight.. I am not sure what the weight of my rig with tow vehicle is, but I will be stopping on the way home to the weigh station to find out. Both with and then without the tow vehicle…

Hopefully, the ride home will be easier, since we climbed this morning from elevation -88′ to now over 3100′! It is currently 64 degrees, 31% humidity, and MY NOSE HATES IT! Just like being out in Las Vegas… without the gambling.

Have a great night y’all!


Tuesday Thankful…

21 04 2015

Today is Tuesday 4/21/15. I wanted to take a quick moment to list a few things that I am thankful for this Tuesday morning:

1. I am most thankful for my wife Michelle
2. I am thankful for my children that they have grown into responsible individuals who are able to take care of themselves on a daily basis, and NOT BURN DOWN MY HOUSE!
2. I am thankful for my ability and opportunity to be able to travel and work at the same time. I actually got to feed the ducks last night who came to our door while I was cooking the chicken.
3. I am thankful for the friends that I have in my life. I could make a list, but with my memory I am sure that I would leave someone important off. If you are reading this, then you are most likely on my list of friends. (except Teresa, you pretty much know where you stand.)
4. I am thankful to all that have helped me get to where I am in life. Your advice, your input, and your suggestions. Although I may have only listened to or followed some of it, I have made my own path, and I am thankful that I have been able to do that.
5. Last and most important, I am thankful for life. There are a few events that I have had, in the last few years that have given me “perspective” to look at the bigger picture. I may not be the picture of health, but I am working to be healthier.

Thank you for reading this


VIP Adventures was AWESOME!!!

20 04 2015

4/20/15, 7 POUND Large Mouth Bass, CHECK THAT off my bucket list!









Checked off one of my “bucket list” items today! Had the chance to go bass fishing with a guide today and not only did I catch fish, but Marc Deschenes taught me a few techniques on how to throw a worm, a lure, and where the fish are…

Not only was Mark knowledgeable about how to catch and where to put the bait, but he was very helpful in teaching me about fish, and types of bait to use & when to use them. I really cannot say enough good things, PLUS his boat is awesome!

If you are ever in Summerville, SC look them up and go out and FISH!


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