IDPA Shoot Flagler Gun Club, Bunnell, FL 10-25-15

25 10 2015

TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!! Yeah for me…

Thanks to the patience and understanding of my beautiful wife Michelle Woodin for her understanding. I got to attend & shoot 2 IDPA matches this weekend, I need more ammo (want to sponsor me?)

Monthly donations
$25 monthly sponsor : $25.00 USD – monthly
$10 monthly sponsor : $10.00 USD – monthly
$50 monthly sponsor : $50.00 USD – monthly
$100 monthly sponsor : $100.00 USD – monthly

Just $25 per month & I will put your logo, business name or website address on my cover garment to wear at all the competitions that I go to. and to get my range cart up and running so I don’t have to carry my stuff from place to place.

SIG PRO 2022 performed flawlessly AGAIN.. LOVE that gun! With the stainless guide rod, she performs each and every shot with no problems whatsoever. Even without the sight on the front, I was “point & shoot” and it handled just fine, with good accuracy, even at 25 yards. (Look for stage 3 in the video)

I am also liking the new GoPro setup on my hat, a little heavy but since I moved it from the front of the bill to closer to the head, it is not as noticeable. Used more than one battery today which was weird, but no malfunctions, or issues with the GoPro. Thinking about a drone to get some different footage during the shoots (if allowed).

Here is the video from today, enjoy!




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