Happy 2nd Anniversary to my wife!

29 04 2016

Time sure flies. Ups and downs, left turns and right turns, you have hung in there like a champ. I love you, and want to say that I love you more today than I did that day in Las Vegas! You totally get me, and understand my goals, dreams, and vision. It is rare in life that we are able to connect with someone that we are totally compatible with but my luck was all there in Las Vegas with the not-so-convincing Elvis singing for us under the sign.

As we embark on the next year of our union, I will remind you of the statement when you first agreed to go out with me, I told you to “hang on, it is going to be one HELL of a ride!” and you took the bait… hook, line, & sinker!

Losses in life…

13 04 2016

Let me start out by saying that emotionally, I am fine. I have come to terms with the fact that my elders would soon be passing, and have made peace with that. Everyone mourns in their own way, and I am not special, by any means. PLEASE, there is no need for well wishes, or condolences, you will simply be wasting electronic ink… having said that…

The circle of life is an interesting thing. The saying “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family” is so very true. 3 or so months ago, my grandmother passed away, (on my fathers’ side) and just this week, my grandfather (on my mothers’ side) passed away as well. The thing that I learned after my father passed is the “death” part of the circle of life will show the true color of the people around you.

Today was one of those days. I asked a simple question, to provide some clarity for my benefit, of one of the family members, and it turned into a very vile, nasty, threatening, conversation. It took a hard left turn REAL fast… it confirmed and clarified to me the true colors of people. My family is NOTHING like the “Chrisleys”. More than 25 years ago, my father told me there would be days like this, I did not know what he was talking about, but now, I understand. Wisdom sometimes comes at strange times in life, today I am a wiser man because of the events of the day. I am pretty sure that the worst is yet to come, but I now have some clearer vision on how to handle things.

On a happier note, I would like to wish my youngest son a happy 17th birthday. You have grown into a young man, who on most days is a pain in my A$$, but one who has a good moral compass, who has good work ethic, and who will achieve anything in life that you set your mind to. 17 years ago 4/14/1999 you were born into this “circle of life” that will make you tough and successful.

I may razz you every now and again, (OK, really all the time) but you have learned to take it and dish it back out as well. I am so very proud of the things that you have accomplished so far with the market pig and the dedication you have shown to that project.

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