What is important to you in life?

9 02 2018

Today, through a random happenstance, I realized what is “really” important to me.

You see, before Michelle & I got married, I jokingly told her to “hang on, it was going to be a HELL of a ride”! I have proven to ring true on that promise…

Fast forward to today, February 9th, 2018. Most who know me, have heard me speak of a little town in Western N. Carolina named Sylva. We (really meaning me) have been looking for a little cabin/house that we could fix, and spend some time in the summer up there, relaxing, fishing, antiquing, and just enjoying life a little, away from the overwhelming summer heat.

I found, negotiated, and signed a purchase contract for a 3+ acre property (2 lots) at the top of a mountain, with a small 2 room log cabin. The cabin, was a little “rustic”… it needed some work, but nothing that I could not accomplish with a little dedication and time. We came up today 8+ hours driving to see the cabin in person. Although the cabin was certainly something that I very well could fix, it was on the side of the mountain. It had no power, no septic, no running water (was supposed to have a spring, but not that I could see. Problem was, there was only ONE, ONE flat spot on the property and it was where the jeep parked. Just wide enough for 2 vehicles, with just a little space to try to turn around (because you did NOT want to go off the edge of the mountain.

I am a “flatlander”, I have lived in Florida all my life and I am a little out of my element when it comes to hills, mountains, or elevated land. SOOOOOOO, I attempt to turn the jeep around and the snow had just melted, the area had recently gotten rain, the jeeps tires were not new, but not slick either, and the ground was a little muddy. (Do you see where this is going yet?) I was working on a “97 point turn” and the jeep hit a few rocks that pinned it between the steep edge of the mountain, and the mud, with about 4″ to spare. NOT QUITE turned around enough, and pinned in. Having a winch would have been helpful. Michelle WAS FREAKING OUT, almost hysterical! Thinking that I am going to drive, slip, slide, or inch my way way off the cliff.

Fortunately, I am smart enough, to know when I am in over my head. A call to the local towing company to send help. 45 minutes later a 4×4 jeep with a winch speeds up the hill, gets behind us and winches us back safely to the point that we could drive out of the property in one piece.

It was at that moment when the tow guy “Mike” was winching me out, that I realized that my wife, Michelle is the one piece of the puzzle that glues the craziness of my life together. I have done some stupid things in my life, but fortunately she is in the back of my mind with the thought of “here hold my beer” comes into my head. I love her with all my heart, and am VERY, VERY lucky that I found her. One of us has to be the level headed one.

After decompressing, having a little lunch, talking it out 3 or 4 times and letting it settle in that I am not really as smart as I like to believe, we have decided that I am going to narrow the search to something “in town”, a property that already has the septic, power, and running water, something that needs a little work, but not A LOT of work. Still somewhere in the same area, just not up the side of a mountain!

Total cost of today’s education? $189 for the tow company, $30 for lunch, and $65 in the wine shop for alcohol = $284. But as I told Michelle, it was cheaper than a funeral!

-Be safe, and remember nothing good happens after the phrase “here, hold my beer”!


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