Everyday is a new “opportunity”…

24 08 2018

Greetings all;

Some of you know that I have enrolled in the “Public Administration” program at Flagler College. I started classes Monday this week (2 days a week for the next 5 semesters). I feel that I am a square peg in a “round hole”…

It has been a LONG, LONG time since I have “worked” for an agency or company, and the group attitude in my classes and thinking of the program is NOT one that I am used to. However, I am going to make the most of this opportunity and do my very best to “sand off the edges of my square peg, so that I fit better into the round hole”.

Maybe I have a 180 degree different viewpoint from those currently in the program and I don’t see things the same way. Because I have worked for myself and “built an empire” from the blood & sweat of my own 2 hands” for so many years, I see things differently.

If you are the person who sets the alarm in the morning and have to report somewhere by a specific time for work, I applaud you for your effort doing that day in and day out for all those years. That has never really been my “thing”. I will do it if the need arises, but by and large, I have tried to not sell my “time for money” and have gone from one project to another ensuring there was enough “profit” to skim off what I need to pay the bills in the process. To this point, it has not always worked for those around me, but it seems that it has been working for me. I have tried to not  just “tread water” but I have attempted to go above and beyond to build something for the future and work extra hard to provide for “the family” realizing that some day this horse will not be able to “run the track” and will need to take a break and “retire”…

I look at each day, as an opportunity to accomplish several things:

  1. To help someone who may need it
  2. To make the most of the time we are gifted
  3. To find joy and/or happiness for myself and my loved ones
  4. To make something or have a thoughtful conversation about a topic of interest
  5. To always be learning

I do not always accomplish each of these goals everyday, but most days I do. I am finding that when I want to get something done, I am constantly running into roadblocks that attempt to prevent me from attaining my goals. This leads to frustration most days. So I am learning to deal with my frustration in a healthy way.

Let’s call it ‘gasp’ maturing..

(for those who know me, insert your chuckle “here”).

Have a great day all!




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