The journey of “less of me”!

22 06 2019

So here is the “scoop”… On Monday 6/17/19, I topped out at 330.6#. I broke past 300 over a year ago, and that was really depressing for me. BUT THIS little piece of happiness broke my spirit. I have been having physical problems, back ache, swollen feet, sluggishness, what I am going to classify as depression (Which I have never had, so I am not sure if that is what it is). I felt like crap, pure and simple.
I am a “sugar” addict. I like all things sugar, and CLEARLY that is bad for me. Thursday, I joined Weight Watchers, no so much for the Rah Rah meetings with all the little old fat ladies (although if you were single, that would be like fishing in a barrel, think of the inheritance money! LOL) I joined for the education. I attempted to do the “no sugar, no caffiene” thing a year or so ago, and I was down 30# but then when I came off, (really fell off) I not only gained the 30# back but and additional 30# on top of that, that’s when I broke the 300# mark.
I have a REALLY great lifestyle. Michelle the anchor, the love of my life, the one that carries the load for me day to day has been there to support me day in and day out. I stopped caffeine & sugar on Monday, so this week, I have been very cranky, Michelle Woodin I love you and apologize for my attitude.
This lifestyle has allowed me to do pretty much anything, and I mean ANYTHING (that does not include other naked women) that I can imagine and I am having a blast. Great friends, GREAT FOOD, great times! BUT with those great food and times, there is a “penalty”, that penalty is weight gain…
Monday I topped 330.6#
I stopped soda/sugar, cold turkey
Thursday, I started WW, officially weighed in at 327.6
Friday, started walking 20 minutes 2x a day (20 min mile) with the fat dog, and she was not happy either! If a dog could look pissed off and clueless at the same time, well…
Friday, weighed in at 322.7
Saturday, I weighed in at 320.4 (10.2# since Monday)
Did I mention that I like all things breakfast? Eggs (which actually I can eat at zero points) hash browns, ham, sausage, bacon, BISCUITS AND GRAVY!!! WOW! ORANGE JUICE, really cold with ice, this is the ultimate. So I am going to have to cut down to 3 eggs, over easy, ham (take the couple points there with the OJ) and applesauce which is also NO POINTS, and a banana or an apple, also no points. No toast, bread, bagel, English muffin, or potatoes… : >(  AND certainly under no circumstances NO CREAM CHEESE…
This journey for me is going to be learning what is good and healthy to eat, and what is not. PLUS for me, portion control. I also have a habit of finishing EVERYTHING that is put on my plate before I step away (that is my grandmother Lois, and every time I try to leave a little food that I really don’t want, I hear her voice…)
I know this is going to be a long journey, getting the weight off if the primary goal, but the “new’ eating lifestyle is going to be the biggest challenge for me. The point system helps me and when I find a few things that have zero points that I like, I will be good, unfortunately “mung beans” and “yams” are no among my top 100 list…
I am going to document my journey for my purposes, and my motivation, if you choose to follow along and give your support, thank you, if you don’t that you as well. When time permits, I will do an update here, daily at first, then maybe weekly.
My final goal is to get down to 220# which is just 10# heavier than I was when I graduated high school. Would I be happy with 250, YES, but for now the goal is 220#!

The “good news”

Start 6/17/19: 330.6
Today 6/22/19: 320.4
Goal: 220#
Total lost: 10.2
To go: 100.4#



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