What are you going to do?

25 06 2019

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and he was telling me about an interaction with a guy about buying a car. Guy kept saying, “what are you going to do?” and politely my friend said he was going to buy the car, but the paperwork (title/registration) had to be in order before they would give this guy money. CLEARLY, he said, he is not a member of the upper crust of society and that his money would be in the hands of a drug dealer before it got dark. “What are you going to do?”

So over the last couple of days, we have been back and forth texting, making phone calls, and general good fun with just the statement, “What are you going to do?” But it has also gotten me thinking about the “less of me” journey that I started last week. Now I realize that I am getting fantastic gains (losses in weight) because that is how it works in the beginning, great losses, then it tapers off, to just a few pounds a week, then a pound or two every week or so. I am in that “great loss” segment and I am asking myself, “What are you going to do?”, “What are you going to do?”, “What are you going to do?”?????? I have been walking (about 1/2 a mile at least 1x per day) was shooting for 2x per day wake up and at dusk when it was not so hot. So far it is every morning. Certainly not taking the “exercise” route, but a little go get the blood pumping will not hurt.

The WW “freestyle points” system is very good, there are a LOT of things that I can snack on (different that what I WAS snacking on) that keeps me full. If I am not craving something, then I am REALLY good. But when that craving kicks in, I am “off to the races” in terms of finding something to scratch that itch…

“What are you going to do?” I have made a commitment that I am going to lose 100#. I now have a plan, and I know that every bite I do not take, is one step closer to reaching my goal. I did not like where I was, was having some real serious problems that were affecting my life, my work, and my attitude. Today 8 days from when I started my journey, I weighed in at 315.4# (started at 330.6#) for a loss of 15.2! That makes me VERY happy…

I hope to inspire you to take the first step, get off soda, that is a HUGE one, take about a week, get over the sugar and caffeine addiction. Water and certain juices are good substitutes. Then make a plan to “move”. Take the dog for a walk. Just a little, you will work up until you are doing more. Just 10 minutes a day.

BIG STEP #3: No pasta, bread, fried food, oils, butter, and buns.

Certainly, this is not acceptable:


BUT, alas, just the one, is acceptable! BUT, I chased it with several bananas, apple sauce cups, and some cashews. and it was OK because I had a really full, but low points day. Surprisingly, that little package was only 8 points. (a McDonalds cheesburger is 16 points for the little one). So in hindsight, if you are going to mess up, then this is the way to go. But I am still down 2.2# from my weigh-in yesterday morning.

So, “What are you going to do?”

Make a plan, make a move, DO IT NOW!

Until tomorrow?




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