2020, one HELL of a year!

30 09 2020

As you can see from my previous posts, I have not spent a lot of time keeping this page up to date. Between work, classes at Flagler College, Family and the over abundance of “crap” that I put on my plate, I have fallen behind. Below is but a “snap-shot” of the year thus far. I am pretty sure it is going to get worse before it slowly gets better.

3/6/20: I have decided to self quarantine due to this new Covid-19 “bug” or “China Virus” as the president calls it. What is going to happen if businesses have to shut down and we are not able to go out and do our thing? It is going to be an interesting situation. 

3/20/20: In person classes I have been taking at Flagler College have been “shoved” online, like it or not. I don’t think that it is going to be a bad thing in the long term, I just wish the instructors’ would spend a little more time learning the Zoom platform so we spent less time telling the instructor how to share the screen and more time learning the subject material. Seems like a LOT of wasted time.

5/12/20: The world has gone crazy… Government taking control of the citizens, business not allowed to be open so owners can have an income to support their family. Impeachment of our President. Riots and unrest, Social media listening to our conversations, DOGS & CATS LIVING TOGETHER… Where is it going end? My point is RELAX people. The left and the right are NEVER going to get along. Agree to disagree.. compromise

7/15/20: Masks I guess are now a “thing”. Do I personally think that they are going to be effective, no, but I am just one guy going about my life trying to stay afloat with our business. All mediations are now being done via Zoom video meetings, including small claims and evictions, but I am pretty sure that evictions are going to be place on hold for the foreseeable future.

8/01/20: Evictions still on hold, a LOT of landlords are starting to hurt due to tenants “taking advantage” of the situation and not paying the rent, even if they are working and have the ability to do so. Talk of “rent cancellation” by some snowflakes who don’t understand how economics works and the courts bound to follow the decisions of the Governor and the Florida Supreme Court.

9/30/20: Massive case of “senior-itis” as I am supposed to graduate 12/12/20 with my Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Flagler College. Checking off a major bucket-list item. So many lost opportunities in my life due to not having a BS degree. It has taken 2 1/2 years of work to get it done, but it is SO close, I can taste it! I am going to miss some of the folks in the class, some that I now consider to be genuine friends.

I try not to overly voice my political stance on others, but after watching the 1st Presidential debate last night, I think Trump was the clear winner, but holy crap, what a mess. No cooperation, NO control from the moderator, NO WAY that Biden can handle the job he is trying to be elected for. What a SH*T show!

10/07/20: Just completed my final exam for the last class (#2 of 4 this semester). I have approx 10 days off from classes, then (2) eight week classes left. Fortunately, they are online so no more travel to St. Augustine, although I did not mind the drive on Saturday mornings when the weather was nice and I could take the bike. The final two subjects in this 2.5 year program. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I don’t hear a train whistle, so I am assuming there is NO train. After the week that I have had so far (and it’s only Wednesday) I hope the rest of the week will be better. Maybe what I need is a little “wind therapy” so once I get the ATM programmed (for a special event) I think I am going to take a ride and relax before getting on with my day. Hope your day is well!



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