About Steve

Steve Woodin is a unique individual with many talents. For most of his adult life, he has worked as a trainer. Starting in 1988 as a CPR trainer, he grew and became well versed in the “art” of the adult learner. Steve attained the level of Master Instructor-Trainer before the age of 30. Continuing his own education he studied then mastered the process of writing training programs and course curriculum.

Steve purchased a young “Safety Services” (only 5 months old in 1994) from the founder, he has grown the company into a training “mega” company that provides continuing education for more than 17 licensed professions including childcare, cosmetology, Nursing, Nursing home administrators, Attorneys, Mediators, and Dentists. Safety Services became CEUworks.com in 2003 and he offers training both live (in-person & online) as well as on-demand training courses in video, audio, and e-book. CEUworks.com is also a full service publisher for printed books, CDs, DVDs, and web delivered training products.

One of the certifications that Steve attained is that of a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator (civil/small claims), and specialty trained to resolve Foreclosures. Steve has handled private mediations for home owners associations, and currently volunteers his time to the 7 judicial circuit (small claims). Steve has worked in the small claims court system in Volusia, Flagler, Putnum, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and St. Johns county court systems in addition to hundreds of private mediations.

Steve has 2 sons (2 proud/strong young men). They are currently 14 & 17. He enjoys fishing, working on his “historic” 105 year old house, geocaching, shooting, and flying when the weather is good. In his spare time, he is working toward his commercial pilots’ license, tailwheel, and glider endorsements. His goal is to retire and teach flight training, just for fun.

2012 has been a busy year, Steve became a certified “Awesome Guy” and Firearms instructor teaching handgun safety, range safety, and long gun (rifle) safety. In March 2013, he completed the NRA “Training Counselor” designation, so he now teaches others to be NRA certified instructors. For information about concealed carry and Florida license for concealed weapons, go to his website at www.GoConcealed.com. Exercise your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. If you do not protect your rights, they will be taken away. I would recommend the book “Florida Firearms Law, Use, & Ownership” from attorney & friend Jon Gutmacher. He literally has “written the book” about Florida law and how it pertains to firearms.

To contact Steve, he may be reached
at stephenwoodin@gmail.com or
(386) 206-2954 during business hours.

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