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I have assembled some clips of the various professionals that I have interviewed over the last 10+ years. I apologize in advance for some of the quality issues, as some of these clips are older before we had “really good” digital technology. Some of these interviews have been played more than 1000 times in the last 10 or 12 years to more than 10,000 licensed professionals.

These interviews were performed during a live update training for many of the professionals that follow us, and were recorded for replay several times each year. Your participation in the interview will yield contact from our users again and again. If you are selling a book or a consulting service, we can help promote that with you in a “soft sell” format as well as promoting your website or social media presence.

We do ask that you sign a “work for hire” release for the interview, so we do not run into any type of copyright issue when we use the audio in our schedule for replay. We also ask that you submit a CV or resume’, and a short introduction bio along with the release so we have some material to introduce you when the interview begins.

Our interview is very similar to a “hosted radio show” format and you can “appear” in person to our studio in Bunnell, FL (32110) if you are close enough and choose to travel or by phone call-in at a specific date/time. Most interviews run anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour, and full presentations (with several opportunities to promote your website/book/consulting) will last around 2 hours) Some interviews will be live broadcast online, and some will be recorded for broadcast at a later date, on-demand. I typically send a handful of questions to the speaker in advance, but will ask questions “on the fly” to expand on a subject that may be of particular interest to our professionals. We also moderate and take questions from the participants when we are performing live broadcast so participants also add to the process to keep it interesting. Either way, I always strive to have a fun, interesting, informative, and complete interview that keeps the listeners attention and promotes the speakers items & services without coming across as an infomercial.

Snippet Samples of previous interviews.

Ronald Melvin: Assertiveness & Self Control

Susan Constantine: Lying & Deception

Jerry Schlosky: Mediation of Insurance Claims

Mediator RoundTable Discussion

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