Do you have a desire to purchase a piece of the “Florida Dream”?

Florida is known for its beaches and tourist attractions, but did you know that just a few miles in off the coast, where the traffic and people flock, there is the “true Florida” with majestic trees and shady spots for your modular home or house of your dreams. In the rural community of Daytona North, there are thousands of lots ready to be built, still affordable with no home owners associations and you can have farm animals of your choice. That’s right, horses, chickens, goats, or alpaca (if that is your thing).

I am a private investor and I have many properties that I would like to sell and I can make them available to just about everyone with a little money down, and monthly payments. Depending on the location and type of property, I ask for 10% down with 120 payments of between $250-$400/mo. This IS NOT RENT TO OWN, this is a purchase with a deed and I hold the private mortgage and your payments are made directly to me each and every month.

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