Day 4: West New Mexico to Texas!

22 11 2016

Today, we drove 368 miles across New Mexico to Amarillo, Tx. RV is performing well, having some “power” issues, but for the most part, the coach is performing very well.

We stopped at a couple of thrift stores, and found a few “treasures”, luckily we have plenty of storage to bring them all home…

More driving tomorrow, planning on checking out the Oklahoma City Memorial.

Until then…


Day 3: The longest drive…

22 11 2016

Day 3.. Not much to see in eastern Arizona, or Western New Mexico. Very friendly people, we boondocked with the big trucks at Sky City, NM and started experiencing “power” problems.

More to see tomorrow, hopefully.


Day 2, Grand Canyon Arizona…

19 11 2016

Plan B, Plan C, PLAN RV!!!

Now so, even more than ever, I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. The RV by auction did not work out, we found one in Las Vegas (going to Las Vegas was our Plan B if the auction did not work out) from a private buyer, and so far SO GOOD. Drives good, handles like a dream, all systems work fine. We boondocked in Seligman, AZ on roadside parking free.

I never knew that Arizona got so cold, down into the 30’s, and we are thankful that the heater works great as well. Michelle does not like when we boondock (free camping) in Walmart, or other public type parking. She does OK with RV parks, but anyone who has an RV knows that parks/campgrounds can be expensive. $40-$60 a night!

We are making our way back to Florida via US Hwy 40 from Arizona to Oklahoma, through Memphis, then down through Mississippi and back to our home in Bunnell.

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Until tomorrow


LAST Night in Las Vegas!

17 11 2016

Plan B has come to a close. We are going to be moving on to “Plan C” and could be possibly making an RV purchase then we would be driving home back to Florida. The “journey continues”…

Today we walked around the strip, went to watch the fountains in front of the Bellagio, only to find out that they were cancelled due to high winds. Bummer, but I have seen them before, so we will catch them on the next trip.

Check out todays’ video, got to catch the superman zipline on Fremont this evening. Michelle said she was going to do it, but changed her mind last minute. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel.

More to come…


Ended up going with “Plan B”…

16 11 2016

Bad news, BUT everything happens for a reason..

The auction ended before we could get our bid in.. missed it by 10 seconds. It was a really nice coach, but, not going to cry over spilled milk, we are working on “Plan C”…

No video yesterday because we rented a car and drove to Bakersfield, CA on our way to LAS VEGAS! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING interesting to note for video. Check out Fremont St. in downtown Las Vegas.

More to come tomorrow…

Until then


Last Day in San Francisco, CA

13 11 2016

Today was our last day in San Francisco, CA. We tried to see what we could, enjoy ALL of it, and do it without killing ourselves. I think that we succeeded. Rode the cable car again, and the trolley. Saw an unexpected parade (veterans day) and sea lions.

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TOMORROW is the reason for this entire trip, and we shall see if Airstream 2.0 is going to happen. I will take you along for the initial inspection, and follow-up.

Until then, have a GREAT rest of the day!




Get the TOUR of San Francisco!

13 11 2016

Today, Michelle & I took the tour of San Francisco. Trolley, Fishermans’ wharf, (attempted to get to Alcatraz, however, they book up several weeks in advance) & the “hop on-hop off” red bus…. ALL THE WAY TO THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE! Alcatraz will be on my “to do” list for a future trip to this cool city.

This is a REALLY cool city if you are into old buildings and architecture, blocks and blocks of old houses, apartments, and office buildings. Wish the tour guide told us more about the history of the city, and not so much about the restaurants and bars that he frequents. BUT, when you are a CALI guy who pretty clearly “treats his glaucoma” daily, what could we really expect?

Enjoyable day, spent with my love, doing what we love, exploring and getting to sample the stuff that we don’t normally do.

See you soon..


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