The RV “Lifestyle”…

12/6/14: I published the previous post in anticipation that I was going to purchase an RV today. Michelle & I have been discussing the possibility of buying a smaller “class C” RV and giving that a try prior to selling the house and buying the RV that we would eventually live in. However, in a complete stroke of luck, an opportunity the purchase a 1996 Airstream Land Yacht 30′ (click for picture) landed in my email box earlier this week. It is a little older than I would have liked, however the price was cheap enough (yes, it needs some work) that even if I have to put double the purchase price into it, I am still into it for less than $10K and the NADA book value for this RV with the features that it has, is listed at $19,500. PLUS, this gives us an opportunity to “trick it out” to meet Michelles decorating style, and add my list of “toys” (electronics, solar power, and internet/TV requirements). We have a meeting this morning to go and take another look (went to look at it Monday this week) to check a few additional things prior to making an offer.

My intent is to use my GoPro camera(s) to video all of the steps in this process, purchase, tear out, re-hab, and then of course the trips. We plan on starting some mini-trips locally to get some experience for me in how it handles, what type of mileage it gets, and for michelle to decide what she likes about it, and what she wants to change. The RV is in rough shape, but there is A LOT to work with. I have also make contact with 2 different RV people I trust to get me through the “learning curve.”  I have camping experience and I also have RV experience (as a kid, I just showed up and when we got where we were going, went and found other kids to hang out with on the playground) I never really was responsible for the set-up or tear down of any of the RVs that we had when I was little. I have lots of fond memories of the different places that we used to visit, and the “old blue school bus” that I helped my dad converted to an RV-type camper.


2:00PM: This is a pic of the RV just prior to moving it from where it was sitting. You can only see a little staining from the picture, but it is covered in mold and mildew. Got is for $500 under his asking price, so from a $$ standpoint, I am in GREAT shape. She is going to need some work (lots of work) but she runs like a top, has good tires, but the brakes need to be looked at. Left front pulls a little.

On the drive home, I can already see how the other traffic is going to react to the RV going slower than the flow, when in the right hand lane, they whip around the left, then cut you off, couple of times, I almost rear-ended people because of that little trick. Its a LOT of weight to attempt to stop on a dime.

BUT, the adventure is getting ready to begin.

12/02/14: Over the last 15 or so years, I have been working toward my goal of “retirement”. Now before anyone complains about social “insecurity” and age etc, let me explain:

My version of retirement is being able to work from any location that I choose to be at the time. Since about 2001, and my discovery of the internet, I have been building my business ( in a manner that I could run it from anywhere. Mostly now internet based, instead of classroom based, and for those that need books, they can be ordered and shipped directly to the customer without me touching and mailing them (re: no inventory to carry!). My goal was to “retire” to an RV and travel and see the world, at least the part I could drive my RV to, and enjoy it while I was young and before the grip of old age, and/or disease gets me.

Luckily, Michelle my “trophy wife,” also shares my same vision. I have for some time been a bit of an amatuer videographer of sorts, and have been studying the YouTube Universe for a long while, learning what I can about RVs and how they run, how to maintain them, and what to look out for in general. I would like to start that journey on my YouTube channel (click to subscribe) where we will be looking to buy, rehab/modify for us, and go on some short adventures, first, then some longer and longer adventures, until eventually we will be living mostly full time in the RV.

Why am I doing this you ask? I guess that it is to leave a video journal behind for my family and children to remember me by. Plus, I think that it will be fun, to go along with the massive amount of work that we will be doing. I hope that anyone who reads this will also comment about the video and help me along my journey. The youngest kids have about 2 years left before they have graduated from High School so we have about 2+ years to “get our sea legs” about us, and be ready to move ahead.

The looming issue that I now have is that I look around my office, my house, my 2 garages and realize that I have A LOT OF STUFF to get rid of! I will be posting lots of stuff in the next 18 months to get rid of, and hopefully be able to put what I need into whatever RV that we eventually purchase.

HANG ON, it is going to be ONE HELL OF A RIDE!

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