Steve Speaks!

Stephen Woodin is a consummate “entrepreneur”! A trainer/speaker since 1989 with specialty in health/safety, small business, real estate, and professional development training.

A program, keynote, and workshop presenter, Steve has a passion for what he does. He strives to give his all at every event with excellent results to the participants. Serious topics are made interesting with fun interaction from the crowd to keep the participants engaged and “plugged in”.

Steve uses comedy and stories from his life (both good and bad) to help people “get it”. Personal safety, motivation, finding, buying, and renting real estate are just some of the more popular topics that Steve can deliver with expertise.

Part of Steve’s unique ability is his varied knowledge and experience with his personal “educational lessons” delivered with excitement while sharing those lessons. With a unique style all his own, Steve has the ability to capture an audience and get a message across to most any crowd. Writer, producer, and publisher of over 30 training books, Steve has the ability to get his point to his audience with excitement and “impact”.

Steve is a “Flip Flop entrepreneur”. He believes that everyday should be a Saturday and he dresses for it. It is more than just a look, it is a way of life, a way of thinking. No worries, and he does not sweat the small stuff. BUT, don’t let the look fool you, he is all work most of the time. He has built a professional business & real estate portfolio that is intended to sustain him & his family for the future!

4 of the most popular programs that Steve can customize & deliver for your organization:

“Buying discounted real estate” Finding, negotiating, fixing & renting real estate for great returns to better your life.

  • Participants will be exposed on the who, what where, and how’s of finding “discounted” real estate and making the deal.
  • How to research and find people who have a “problem for you to solve” to create a win-win situation for all parties.
  • Learning about the 6 D’s of real estate that lead to discount deals, Death, Divorce, Drugs, Disease, Disaster, Distress.
  • Participants will learn how to not “steal is slow motion” by attempting to analyze the deal until the deal goes away.
  • Managing your properties so the tenants are trained to YOUR rental program (pay rent on time, cause not damage or chaos), not them training you to their “program” (I know rent is due today on the 1st, but is it OK that I pay you next week?).

X-Y-Z’s at work, Multi-generational differences that affect your business culture.

  • Baby Boomers and dealing with “Generation X”
  • Who the heck is “Generation Y” and why do they know so much about that darn computer?
  • How to manage & motivate 3 generations with different thought processes in the business environment.

Get me a Haz-Mat suit, my workplace is over-run with “Toxic People”!

  • Dealing with “Debbie Drama, Lenny the liar, and Judgmental Jim” and how to avoid the toxic sludge that they create.
  • How attitude and communication can make the workplace more productive and less stressful.
  • 3 things that you can do to decontaminate the toxic people and provide a better experience for your customers.

Take it from me, I’m NOT the Easter Bunny. How multiple business revenue streams keeps you from breaking the eggs in your basket!

  • Steve shares his true story of the decisions that delivered eviction, 2 repossessions, and a marital separation in just under 6 weeks.
  • How determination, creative marketing, and a little bit of ignorance put my business to 6 figure annual sales just 3 years from when all hell broke loose.
  • Participants will be exposed to “out of the box thinking” to help your business create multiple revenue streams to become more than a “one trick pony”.
  • How social media and the internet is the new frontier for ALL business owners. If you are not using social media for your business, “your eggs are scrambled!”

Steve is available for speaking engagements, training seminars, motivational meetings, and safety events.

If you would like to speak to Steve, feel free to contact him directly at (813) 504-7854.

P.O. Box 990
Flagler Beach, FL 32136
(813) 504-7854

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