IDPA 11/15/15 Titusville Rifle & Pistol Club

15 11 2015

First time at the Titusville Rifle & Pistol Club for an IDPA shoot. As expected, the squad was excellent even with a previous person who made a shoot weeks earlier difficult. The club has several mock buildings and it is always fun to be able to shoot from simulated windows, doors, and from cover of actual “structures” instead of barrels or fake walls. One of the stages had a mover that was pretty cool, started by a heavy piece of steel, that when falls, it activates the gravity moving “guy”.

Overall, the weather was perfect, not too cold, but again, not too hot, light breeze (as you will hear from the video) and long jeans were not entirely necessary, but I wore them just in case. The Sig Pro 2022 operated flawlessly, and even though I think that I may want a new “piece of equipment” the Sig just has not let me down to this point.

Scoring today was very good, only down about 15 points all day with 1 FTN (failure to neutralize), 1 HTN (hit to a non-target) but I will qualify that with the fact that it was REALLY tight to get the bad guy without hitting the good guy. The technicals (which usually kill me) were zero!!! My accuracy is getting better, and it was mentioned to me that I should consider shooting in the Florida State IDPA match in March 2016, that I was “good enough” to be a competitor. I think that I am CLOSE to good enough, but I am going to keep practicing each weekend to see if I can get to a point where I am good enough to actually win something, even if it is a T-Shirt…

The one thing that I DO know, is that I have to lose some weight, you can hear my breathing and my groans as I get into some of these shooting positions. I am going to try to get out a couple of days per week to walk and exercise to get my cardio up. I do have a “fit by 50” goal that I think I am going to start on sooner than later. No time like the present…

So, here is today’s video, the “hat rig” is just not working for me, I believe it is the wrong type of hat. I had a failure where the hat fell down into my field of vision, so I threw it off (stage #6) and it sat upside down for the last part of the stage. Maybe I will try the headband setup from GoPro since I have a couple of those, and see if that works any better. If I could just get the damn thing to stay on and not move that would be an improvement. I did switch back to my other GoPro camera though, and I think the image is much better. The sound seems to be not the same quality, however, an external mic may be the solution for that.

Next week that are 2 shoots, both at the Flagler Gun Club, one is a night shoot, which I have never done before, and the other is the regular IDPA shoot Sunday. Stay tuned “kiddos” cool things to come.

Have a GREAT day!


IDPA Shoot Ancient City Gun Club 11/14/15

14 11 2015

Good evening HAPPY CAMPERS!

This was a GREAT day… cool, few clouds, wonderful weather. I was with a good squad today, helpful friendly people. I was a little concerned with the closeness of the spectators to the firing line in a couple of stages, but fortunately, NO accidents, just a little too close for my comfort level as a chief range safety officer.

What can I say about shooting sports, it makes me happy… “slingin’ lead down range”, the jump of the firearm in your hands, just puts a smile on my face, can’t help it. Tried out a new set of earplugs today instead of the over-ear noise suppression type, I had in the ear, “still hear conversations around me” earplugs. Surprisingly, they were only about $15 via mail order. Mostly comfortable, I think my left ear canal is a little smaller than the right one. Kept having to reset it into the ear.

I am having a few growing pains, in that, I am starting to upgrade my equipment to items that are¬†IDPA rule compliant because I am planning on attending several state matches in the next five or six months. On the Radar, Texas, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida state championship(s) coming up before June 2016. Club shooting, and who knows, if I can get some RV travel in as well, then we might be on the road for some fun…

Video for today’s’ IDPA shoot at the Ancient City Gun Club in St. Augustine is below.

Have a GREAT day.

Shooting Titusville tomorrow.. Stay tuned!


IDPA shoot Volusia Gun & Hunt Club

8 11 2015

Today, I shot an IDPA match at the Volusia Gun & Hunt Club. Weather was hot, but cooperated long enough for us to get thru all 6 stages. I shot well only giving up about 25 or so points until the last stage…

Missed one target (did not even engage it) so it cost me 5 points for Failure to Neutralize (FTN), 5 points for Failure to Engage (FTE) and 2 missed shots (5 points each) for a loss of 20 points just on that ONE target. I should probably walk the stage first and be a little more observant.

Camera also went on the fritz, so I will switch to my other camera, and see if that one works better. I might be ready for an upgrade to a different camera that will be more conducive to being mounted to a hat or visor. At this point in time, since I am still waiting for the video to be finalized and uploaded to youtube, I am not quite sure what it will look like. We shall see.

Next week, my lovely wife will be at an antiques fair so I will be shooting St. Augustine on Saturday, and Titusville on Sunday. Making new friends, and some good connections along the way. Still looking for a sponsor to cover the expanding cost of ammo and match fees.

See the video here…

Have a GREAT week!


IDPA Shoot 11/1/15 Central Florida Gun & Pistol Club

2 11 2015

IDPA at the Central Florida Gun & Pistol Club today. Up to this point, I have not been in a squad with had any people who were “difficult”… Also, I have been advised now that my holster “does not qualify” that my mag holder does not qualify, and the duty belt that I use also does not qualify. Also was told that you can carry extra magazine (above the 3 allowed) in your back pocket, but not in the magazine pouches that you carry on your belt.

This tells me that there is A LOT of different interpretations of IDPA rules and what is and is not allowed. I am going to find a higher ranking IDPA official, and get some straight answers about some of the things that I was told today. Seems that everybody is an expert in some capacity and they certainly want to show it.

On the upside, I got to spend some time with my best friend from high school, Dave, who I have not seen in a very long time. Turns out, he is also a 2nd Amendment believer, and found the IDPA experience to be a good one. There was some negativity with people on the squad that we were assigned to, so I want to get him to a Flagler Gun club shoot, where it is very positive, especially for people new to IDPA, so he can see how much fun it can be.

Check out the video at about 2:oo or so minutes, the Safety officer lets a couple of guys “have it” that she had a problem with earlier. Yes, they did make a mistake, but she let them “have it” more so that it should have been. Guess being on video was not a big deal for this person.

Also, still working out the “bugs” with the camera. For most of the match, the camera was pointing too low, should be more upright, forward. I also used an external microphone, that really did not help much. From looking at the quality of the audio, it appears that it made the audio worse. So we will go back to standard camera microphone next match. Might also move the camera from my hat to my headphones, to eliminate the sag on the bill of my cap.

NOW to the video… Don’t forget to “like the video, and subscribe to my channel”. Still looking for a sponsor to cover the cost of ammo & gas for travel. I have some “leads”, coming soon…


IDPA Shoot Flagler Gun Club, Bunnell, FL 10-25-15

25 10 2015

TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!! Yeah for me…

Thanks to the patience and understanding of my beautiful wife Michelle Woodin for her understanding. I got to attend & shoot 2 IDPA matches this weekend, I need more ammo (want to sponsor me?)

Monthly donations
$25 monthly sponsor : $25.00 USD – monthly
$10 monthly sponsor : $10.00 USD – monthly
$50 monthly sponsor : $50.00 USD – monthly
$100 monthly sponsor : $100.00 USD – monthly

Just $25 per month & I will put your logo, business name or website address on my cover garment to wear at all the competitions that I go to. and to get my range cart up and running so I don’t have to carry my stuff from place to place.

SIG PRO 2022 performed flawlessly AGAIN.. LOVE that gun! With the stainless guide rod, she performs each and every shot with no problems whatsoever. Even without the sight on the front, I was “point & shoot” and it handled just fine, with good accuracy, even at 25 yards. (Look for stage 3 in the video)

I am also liking the new GoPro setup on my hat, a little heavy but since I moved it from the front of the bill to closer to the head, it is not as noticeable. Used more than one battery today which was weird, but no malfunctions, or issues with the GoPro. Thinking about a drone to get some different footage during the shoots (if allowed).

Here is the video from today, enjoy!


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