Less of me, part deux!

24 06 2019

Today is Monday 6/24/19, a mere 5 days from what I “officially” started less of me, exactly 1 week from saying that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.. I am down 10# exactly. NOW, I know that this has been because I stopped soda, and caffeine as of Monday, then officially joined WW to teach me how to really do it.  I do fully realize that at some point, I will only have 2 or 3 pound loss per week, not 10-12# as I am getting here in the beginning, but for now, I am going to enjoy the good feelings that I am having, and the success that I have achieved thus far. Here is what I have done, and what I have learned:

What I have done: I have started to walk a “lap” around the railroad tracks between the streets at my house and the closest one to the north, exactly .5 miles, I clocked it with the Jeep (so you know it is accurate, go MOPAR) and have attempted to do this 2x per day. Not running, just a brisk walk to get my heart rate up and to beat my previous time which was 10.4 min so a 20+ minute mile. REALLY RIPPING IT UP! The dog has not been thrilled, she is a slacker dog who likes to lounge on the large pillow, or the chair, in my office when the A/C is on, or on the leather sofa when I am not in the office.

What I have learned: I am a real a$$hole when I don’t have caffeine! Some lady almost run us over at the Home Depot and I screamed at her to the point that other people were asking what was going on. In my defense, she was texting on her phone while driving through the parking lot, and not yielding for pedestrians. Just saying…

Second thing that I have learned is that the “great” things that I enjoy, wings, pasta, good bread, regular soda, all are “no bueno” when it comes to eating healthy. Burgers, no bun, chicken, all the grilled chicken that I can handle, grilled, no butter, no olive oil, garlic is ok, but most of the stuff that contains the flavor, is out. I have found that there are other things that my loving and supportive wife have around ARE good for me, grapes, bananas, and cashews are all very good, and have very low points. Applesauce, one of my favs is good as well, can chow 2 or 3 individual cups and cinnamon powder is point free! So as long as I snack right, then I can snack as much as I want to.

I am adjusting, but slowly. This is my journey, my goal, my health (which is very good mind you, bp, cholesterol, A1C, all very, very good). My weight has been a problem for most of my life, limiting what I can do in most cases and has been the cause of me to stop flying, which I really love(ed). I am feeling good about my progress, and I even had 11 points left over from yesterday! Not sure if those credit back to my week total or not, but I am happy and I have not really felt “hungry”. The evening cravings are what get me and I am trying to stay strong.

Check in, in a couple days….

Until then, do something good for your community!




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